Online therapy offers a helpful alternative way to access therapy for people who may find it difficult to get to my consulting room. I use a simple video conferencing platform – similar to Skype – called Vsee. Vsee provides an excellent and confidential connection (provided we both have decent internet connection). I have worked online successfully with clients around the world for some years.

An important element of successful psychotherapy is that the space is private and confidential; it’s necessary, therefore, that when meeting for online therapy you ensure that you are in a space where you can’t be overheard or interrupted.

Online psychotherapy does differ from face-to-face psychotherapy, which allows the use of all senses during the session. Since only sight and hearing are involved in online therapy, it’s possible that you may feel a sense of disconnection to me in the first session. Most people find they quickly get used to this, especially if they are familiar with platforms such as Skype.

This way of meeting with me is suitable for working with most issues that people come with. However, some issues are not suitable for working with online – these include personality disorders, bipolar and other serious disorders, which require face to face therapy.