Couple counselling

If you’re reading this, then I imagine you are looking for help with your relationship.

You may be arguing alot, feeling angry and finding it hard to stop and find a way through.

Perhaps you feel disconnected or  are experiencing the same old conflict which feels as if it is driving a wedge between you?

Perhaps things feel a little stale? One or both of you are dissatisfied but don’t know how to feel connected to eachother again?

Perhaps you are experiencing life changes which are impacting on your relationship? Differing expectations of what you want your relationship to be?

Perhaps it feels like one of you is drifting away? Or one is critical of the other? You might have lost the intimacy you once shared and want it back.

Or you might be in full scale crisis, where it feels impossible to communicate and there seems no way forward.

Working with a skilled and experienced professional in these situations can help. 

Couple counselling has the potential to radically transform your relationship, to bring healing, deeper understanding and mutual support.

I will help you both:

  • Find a way through your conflicts, easing anger so understanding can develop
  • Learn to communicate gently and more effectively with each other
  • Understand where the other is coming from
  • Learn to respect each other again
  • Rediscover the intimacy and love you once had together
  • Feel connected, and rejuvenated in your relationship, with greater understanding, warmth, respect and love for each other.


Sometimes though, relationships do come to their natural end and in these situations I can help with separating respectfully and gently. I can also help with managing child related issues too.

Or, you may be embarking on a new relationship and this time you both want to do it differently, avoiding old patterns. Couple counselling at this stage in your relationship can help build solid foundations for your future.


Whatever stage you are at in your relationship, the earlier you can begin couple work the better. The longer conflicts and difficulties go on, the more deeply we hurt each other and the further apart we become.

If you would like to arrange an initial session please feel free to call or email me.